ERDAS ER Mapper 7.2

A smart tool that allows you to visualize images for a broad array of applications
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ERDAS ER Mapper allows you to visualize, enhance and combine images for a broad array of applications. Extracting the quantitative information you need, ERDAS ER Mapper makes your data more meaningful to solve business problems.

This easy to use solution includes mosaic, color balancing, compression, geocoding and other image preparation wizards to simplify your workflow. With ERDAS ER Mapper, you also have the ability to create your own wizards.

Complex image processing tasks can be performed, modified and repeated in a short amount of time, with minimal impact on hardware resources. Using this approach, ERDAS ER Mapper can mosaic hundreds of files, and compress the mosaics to meet industry standards.

ERDAS ER Mapper speeds up your data preparation, storage and distribution activities, increasing the amount of data you can easily manipulate. Use ECW compression to shrink the size of your imagery datasets to just 5% of their original size. JPEG2000 compression lets you compress your imagery to 25% of the original size, keeping the underlying spatial data mathematically identical to the original data.

ERDAS ER Mapper - interesting, professional and smart tool that allows you to visualize images for a broad array of applications.

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